WLAN Project and Deployment Lifecycle

25 years of experience in Enterprise Wi-Fi networks have taught us to be precise and accurate when planning, designing, integrating, and optimizing future-proof Wi-Fi networks. In order to guarantee this, we implement our unique WLAN Project and Deployment Lifecycle model which ensures our clients are able to get the maximum return from their network.

Client who follow the process below while adhering to the WLAN Project and Deployment Lifecycle model optimize their chances of success.


A successful Wi-Fi implementation starts with an in-depth planning phase.

First we catalogue the primary needs, such as the expected number of users and the business-critical applications which the network will host.

Furthermore, the type of appliance, RF coverage, service areas, and the financing must be examined.

icon-wlan-project-lifecycle-planning WLAN Project Lifecycle - World Wide WiFi Experts


The Wi-Fi network must be well-designed to cater to business-critical applications, coverage, capacity, and safety or even surpass them.

Design is the second step in the WLAN Project and Deployment Lifecycle model.

Nowadays, an Enterprise WLAN design must meet the needs of mobile employees.

We manufacture designs for all your business needs under the slogan: “Intuitive - Seamsless - Worriless - Wireless”. These designs are based on architectures from our portfolio.

icon-wlan-project-lifecycle-design WLAN Project Lifecycle - World Wide WiFi Experts


We have years of experience with integrating wireless networks in all branches, and this experience is the key to success of integration of wireless networks.

Our Wi-Fi experts are extensively trained in hardware and software installations, used to working at height, and are actively involved in continuously improving the processes. We can ascertain the maximum security of your Wi-Fi network.

icon-wlan-project-lifecycle-integrate WLAN Project Lifecycle - World Wide WiFi Experts


Wi-Fi optimalisation is the continuous monitoring and maintenance needed for a reliable and high-quality wireless network. For many networks, the optimalisation phase is the longest since networks are continuously modified to encompass the changes in usage and the amount of devices of the client, such as modifications in the layout of office spaces.

Performing regular optimalisation services and health checks of the network will be of increased value when trying to solve problems and enhancing the performance of the network.

This proactive form of optimalisation is also of the utmost importance in order to be able to guarantee the performances of the applications.

icon-wlan-project-lifecycle-optimize WLAN Project Lifecycle - World Wide WiFi Experts


Validating the design is very important to have a successful wireless network implementation. The validation phase of the WLAN Project and Deployment Lifecycle model helps limit the risks of an expensive redesign, rewiring, and reinstallation after the AP’s have been configured and placed.

Validation at a later stage does offer an extra possibility to map the site and ensure that the design meets the needs of the end users.

Check Second Opinion/Analysis and Wireless Site Surveys for the services that we offer.

icon-wlan-project-lifecycle-validate WLAN Project Lifecycle - World Wide WiFi Experts


Sometimes the networking requirements change, causing the performance to decline and requiring a new design or an upgrade of the network. However, the good news is that the process remains the same: catalogue the needs, design, validate, and optimize the network!

Discover our services for Wireless Site Surveys and Architecture.

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Monitoring and maintenance

Proactive monitoring and maintenance ensure optimal performance of the wireless network. These services are customized to each client within the branches that we offer our services to.

Discover our possibilities for Support.

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