World Wide WiFi Experts®, worldwide major player in “real-world" Wi-Fi / IoT industry knowledge distribute powerful enterprise Wi-Fi vendor equipment.

World Wide WiFi Experts® focused on companies that are adding intelligence to their Wi-Fi systems, provide cloud-based management, offer smooth integration with IoT devices, and have a solid roadmap for migrating customers to future generations of Wi-Fi technology.

World Wide WiFi Experts® has a channel partner agreement and is system integrator with the followings vendors/companies:

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AccelTex Solutions has been developing, designing and manufacturing products and accessories for wireless networks for more than 20 years

Thousands of wireless infrastructures have been implemented with AccelTex Solutions Products. Standard product offerings include: Wi-Fi antennas, enclosures, Wi-Fi brackets, power supply enclosures (UPS), cabling solutions (including connectors and adapters), external power solutions, lightning arresters, and Ethernet surge protectors.

AccelTex Solutions has aligned its products to support and complement the industry's leading wireless technology providers: Aerohive, Aruba, Cisco, Cisco Meraki, Extreme, Fortinet, Juniper Mist, Mojo, Ruckus,...

Cost-effective, experienced Wi-Fi provider

Allied Telesis offers a suite of Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 products for indoor and outdoor deployment, Vista Manager EX Unified Network Management and Monitoring Platform, and AMF-Sec Controller, enabling automated endpoint security policies

Stellar Wi-Fi: simple, elegant, performance and security

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) is a niche player. The enterprise networking industry is the primary focus of their OmniSwitch switches, OmniAccess Stellar wireless access points, and related networking software solutions.Stellar Access Points protects your business continuity and investments and make deployment and maintenance very easy. 


A vendor with a vision.

Arista Networks targets the enterprise market with its 700 series leaf switches and 7000 series enterprise spine switches, Cognitive Wi-Fi 200 and 300 series access points, and CloudVision management platform. Arista's asset titles are primarily based in North America and APAC. Most customers are located in North America and operate in the high-tech, financial, retail and healthcare sectors.


Cost effective and robust unified solution for wireless network.

Aruba/HPE offers a full line of CX switches in addition to the 500 and 600 series Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E access points. Wired and wireless networks are managed primarily through Aruba Central, available on both on-site and over the cloud, and includes popular analytics and AlOps technologies. It targets customers of all sizes in all major markets. The company continues to invest in parity between cloud and on-premises, and expands AlOps functionality in its Aruba Central platform. Aruba has announced that NaaS will be a core part of its go-to-market strategy, and the company will continue to invest in refining its current offerings and deploying the necessary service management infrastructure and resources.

Wi-Fi is in their DNA.

Cambium Networks targets the enterprise market with Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E, Xirrus series access points, cnPilot and cnMatrix wired Ethernet switches. Additionally, Cambium offers a cloud-based and on-premises network management platform, cnMaestro

The undisputed market leader.

Cisco is a market leader with their wired and wireless products Catalyst and Meraki, offering one of the most comprehensive portfolios of applications and hardware capable of meeting the network requirements of businesses of any size. Cisco operates worldwide, and the company has the largest channel partner presence of any network equipment vendor. 

Cisco continues to invest in the capabilities of Cisco DNA Center, an on-premise network management and orchestration platform that is part of the Software Defined Architecture (SDA). In 2021, Cisco announced the Cisco+ offering, which primarily offers an alternative consumption model for enterprise hardware.

Cloud driven, zero touch, OT configuration, WIDS.

Meraki APs are really easy to install and config. Cloud managed and highly reliable devices, performing extremely effectively.

A great choice for rock solid reliability in any size deployment.

CommScope/Ruckus targets the enterprise market with its RUCKUS ICX wired switches, RUCKUS Analytics and R-series wireless access points, since their acquisition of RUCKUS. Their primary focus is government and education. Strong developments are expected in the AlOps capabilities of the RUCKUS Analytics platform and the virtual network assistant Melissa.

POWERFUL tools make it EASY to optimize and manage your wireless networks.

Ekahau is the industry standard for Wi-Fi design because they follow through with easy-to-use tools that you’ll love using throughout the lifecycle of your wireless network. From design and validation to ongoing health checks and troubleshooting, they’ve got you covered.  Ehahau solutions take your business requirements for wireless connectivity and combine them with real-world environmental factors like your floor plan and wall materials to create a Wi-Fi design perfectly tuned to your needs and that will deliver awesome Wi-Fi every day.

Carving out a power position at sports venues.

Extreme Networks with Extreme Cloud, delivers a broad portfolio of end-to-end Fabric Connect switching and WLAN products including cloud-managed network applications and services. They were the first company in Europe to offer Wi-Fi 6E to their customers. They also had Wi-Fi 6E in outdoor areas with many people using it. Customers can monitor traffic and user data on networks in detail with Extreme's Wi-Fi analytics. They are investing heavily in universal platforms, security, and innovation, including Fabric, Al, and machine learning.

Focused on security.

Fortinet focuses on tight integration with network security with their FortiAp and FortiSwitch products using FortiGate security appliances and the FortiCloud and FortiLAN cloud-based management platforms. Fortinet's customers range from small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises in a variety of industries around the world. They continue to invest in integrating and strengthening their network and security portfolio into cloud and virtual server management platforms. Additionally, Fortinet is investing in native AI and machine learning capabilities in its portfolio.

Wi-Fi 6 eXtreme Enhancement Technology.

H3C has improved wireless transmission efficiency, signal coverage, and user experience. H3C has sold more than 10 million APs in 1600+ colleges and universities, 700+ Grade A tertiary hospitals, 100+ city wireless networks, 170+ subway lines, and 80% of four- and five-star hotels in China.

Wi-Fi is complicated: Design, analyze, optimize with Hamina Wireless

Hamina Wireless has the industry’s fastest to use wireless design tool, that combines free-form 3D user experience with ultra-fast and easy-to-use building and network modeling tools. With Hamina tools you design wireless for any environment; hotels, universities, factories, warehouses, stadiums, outdoor, hospitals etc. Hamina Planner provides detailed and comprehensive analysis of your wireless network. Wi-Fi tools should be simple – without additional complexity created by the tool itself-

Huawei APs can bring you different network experience.

Huawei's Enterprise Business Group (EBG) is a strong global player, however, most of their revenue comes from China, where it is based. Huawei distributes mainly through its resellers and is one of the driving forces behind Wi-Fi technologies. They are one of the largest suppliers in the market. Analysts expect Huawei to continue to invest in Al and machine learning functionality, in addition to automation and network orchestration capabilities across their portfolio.

Easy controlling.

LANCOM Systems provides tools for VPN connections, access points, and routers. These are mostly sold to small businesses, competing with companies such as D-Link and Netgear.

Integrating AI across wireless product lines.

Juniper Networks/Mist delivers access networking through its EX Series of wired switches, and leans heavily on its Open Convergence Framework strategy. The Juniper Sky Enterprise cloud platform provides complete zero-touch management of all Juniper enterprise products.

HPE. Their products are certified with an SDSN label by the UN for their sustainability efforts.

The cloud-based Mist WxLAN product portfolio offers WI-FI 6 and WI-FI 5 access points for indoor and outdoor deployments, with most supporting Bluetooth Low Energy. In November 2021, Juniper added AI-driven Wi-Fi 6E access points and IoT Assurance to their portfolio of wireless devices.

Experience Wi-Fi 6E - Excellence For Everone

Omada by TP-Link/TP-Link specializes in wireless networking products, catering to a wide global audience across more than 120 countries. The firm is distinguished by its strong commitment towards research and development as well as scrupulous in-house design, manufacturing, and testing processes. In its range of products, TP-Link offers routers, range extenders, switches, network adapters, IP cameras, media converters, Powerline adapters, and smart home items. Their product distribution takes place through various distributors, resellers, and tech retailers. TP Link's headquarters is based in Brea, CA.


One of the power players in enterprise Wi-Fi.

Ubiquiti provides a broad line of access points for both indoor and outdoor deployments, including their UniFi line, which is focused on home, consumer, business wireless networking.

The Leader in AI-Driven Wi-Fi Automation.

Wyebot Wireless Intelligence Platform (WIP™) monitors your Mission Critical Wireless and environments and deliver notifications and automatic solutions before they cause disruption to your business and customers.

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