Wi-Fi for Healthcare and Life Sciences

In today's digital age, Wi-Fi connectivity has become an essential aspect of various industries, including healthcare and life sciences. The ability to access information, communicate efficiently, and gather real-time data has transformed the way healthcare professionals and life scientists operate.

Flexible Wi-Fi solution 

Medical appliances and patient services are areas of ongoing development, with a current focus on becoming more connected to the network. The key is implementing a flexible Wi-Fi solution for healthcare and life sciences which can manage the increasing amount of affiliated applications and equipment used in health care.

Wi-Fi can be used to send information directly from medical equipment to mobile devices or workstations.

Furthermore, Wi-Fi can for healthcare and life sciences can help locate asset tags on medical devices which are not connected to the network, such as wheelchairs and beds. This decreases the costs of replacing the lost items and it can help ensure that the right equipment is in the right spot, which saves time and thus might save lives.

Hospital Wi-Fi solutions

When it comes to implementing Wi-Fi solutions in healthcare, sciences and hospitals, several factors need to be considered to ensure reliable, secure, and efficient connectivity. Here are some key considerations and solutions for hospital Wi-Fi:

Network Design and Coverage: Hospitals typically have complex layouts with multiple floors, corridors, and rooms. A comprehensive site survey and network design are essential to ensure proper coverage throughout the facility. Access points (APs) should be strategically placed to provide seamless coverage in patient rooms, waiting areas, operating rooms, and other critical areas. The network design should account for high-density areas and potential interference from medical equipment.

Network Segmentation and VLANs: Hospital networks handle sensitive patient data, and security is of utmost importance. Implementing network segmentation using VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) helps isolate different types of traffic and devices. This separation enhances security and prevents unauthorized access to patient information. Critical areas, such as administrative offices and patient data storage, should have stricter access controls.

Quality of Service (QoS): Hospitals have diverse connectivity requirements, ranging from critical patient monitoring systems to general internet access for visitors. Implementing Quality of Service (QoS) allows network administrators to prioritize certain types of traffic, ensuring that vital medical applications and devices receive the necessary bandwidth and low latency while maintaining a satisfactory experience for other users.

Security Measures: Hospitals deal with sensitive patient data, making robust security measures imperative. Implementing strong authentication protocols, such as WPA2-Enterprise or WPA3, encryption standards like AES, and regular security updates for network equipment are essential. Network segmentation, intrusion detection systems, and firewalls help protect against unauthorized access and potential threats.

Network Monitoring and Management: Proactive monitoring and management of the Healthcare and life sciences Wi-Fi network are vital for ensuring optimal performance and identifying potential issues. Network administrators should employ tools that provide real-time visibility into network health, usage patterns, and security threats. Regular monitoring helps identify and address any performance issues promptly.

World Wide Wi-Fi Experts® for Healthcare and Life Sciences

We guarantee:

  • Room Signage
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  • Real-time Patient Information
  • Quality of Service (QoS) / Network Traffic Prioritization
  • Rock-solid Wi-Fi for Healthcare and Life Sciences
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