Wi-Fi for Offices

Whether your organization is small with a busy office or a company building with hundreds of employees, modern businesses are almost fully dependent on a fast and stable Wi-Fi connection. Connectivity and access to cloud services are changing the modern workplace and it has never been more important to keep the staff connected to each other and to clients. Our Enterprise Wi-Fi-solutions can ensure reliable wireless networks, built around the needs and work processes of your specific business, office or workspace.

Guaranteed Wi-Fi coverage in the Office

Our Enterprise Wi-Fi solutions take into account many variables, e.g. the size, the layout, and the construction of the building, the type of equipment connected to the company’s network, the amount of devices, the security, the BYOD policy, the prerequisites for the bandwidth of the applications, etc. Most importantly, we take all of these parameters into account and can still guarantee a Wi-Fi network which fully covers the company and meets the office capacity standards.

Tooling software and hardware are used to identify possible sources of interference, after which spectrum analysis can gain us insight into the obstacles which operate on similar frequencies and might disrupt the Wi-Fi coverage of your company office.

Quality of Service for companies

If your company uses applications such as VoIP or audio software used for video conferencing, it might be beneficial to install a prioritized and guaranteed bandwidth to ensure they work properly.

We are able to optimize your Wi-Fi network at the office fully to ensure the quality and priority of any program, such as video and audio applications. The prioritization is implemented on basis of Quality of Service (QoS) and assigning a guaranteed bandwidth.

Set-up Wi-Fi for Offices

Setting up Wi-Fi for offices involves several considerations to ensure a reliable and secure network that can accommodate the needs of multiple users and devices:
- Assessment and planning
- Network infrastructure
- Placement of Access Points
- Network Security
- Quality of Service configuration
- Bandwidth management
- Network monitoring and Management
- Cabling and Infrastructure
- Testing and Optimization
- User Education
- Regular Maintenance 

Each office space has its own characteristics. We customize your Wi-Fi configuration to match the precise requirements of your office and its users.

World Wide Wi-Fi Experts® for Offices

We guarantee:

  • Reliable Wi-Fi network in the Office
  • Improved Scalability For Business Growth
  • Guest Wi-Fi
Offices Offices - World Wide WiFi Experts®

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