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A human’s basic needs nowadays include food, water, sleep and ... Wi-Fi. It is that simple. For organizations, the same is true - Wi-Fi is a fundamental need. The wireless technique is one of the main reasons business processes run smoothly and efficiently. At least, if the Wi-Fi works as intended. If it does not, it causes annoyances and costs money.

Is your company suffering from Wi-Fi related problems and have you tried all possible solutions without results? Then it is time to call in World Wide WiFi Experts®, because our Wi-Fi experts are top of the bill. If our specialists cannot get your Wi-Fi to work optimally, nobody can


World Wide WiFi Experts®, is a worldwide major player in “real-world" Wi-Fi / IoT industry knowledge. World Wide WiFi Experts® is a global company specializing in a wide range of professional Wireless and IoT services.

Besides Wi-Fi and IoT consulting and health & safety audits is their business; WLAN/IoT RF Design, WLAN/IoT Troubleshooting, WLAN/IoT Support, WLAN/IoT Training, WLAN/IoT Hardware, Managed Service Provider and Reseller. World Wide WiFi Experts® engineers are experts and involved in WLAN/IoT projects all over the world.

World Wide WiFi Experts® is based in EMEA (Dongen), AMERICAS (Austin), APAC (Kuala Lumpur), OCEANIA (Perth) and UAE (Dubai). Their experts are Masters in Radio Frequency (RF) and trained and certified in CWNP, Wyebot, Ekahau, Omada/TP-Link and VCA.

World Wide WiFi Experts® consult their customers in every step of the WLAN/IoT deployment model. From the start of the WLAN/IoT RF design process to installation, validation, and optimization to keep customers wireless network healthy and ensure an optimal user experience for all client devices.

World Wide WiFi Experts® serve all enterprise Wi-Fi vendors but also sell WLAN hardware and do trainings. World Wide WiFi Experts® is an Authorized Learning Center (ALC) by CWNP, Wyebot and Omada/TP-Link.

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CWNE-certified and Authorized Learning Center (ALC®)

How can someone be certain that they are dealing with a true Wi-Fi-expert?

The best indication is certification. All World Wide WiFi Experts have the brand independent WLAN-certificate CWNE (Certified Wireless Network Expert), which is the highest possible certification for Wi-Fi professionals.

World Wide WiFi Experts has extensive experience with wireless networks: not only with advising, designing, implementing, and configurating but also with teaching all of these techniques. And no matter where your company is located - London, São Paulo or Tokyo – we always have an expert available for you.

In-Class and Virtual Instructor Led Training (CILT/VILT) is still the most effective way to prepare for any CWNP exam. World Wide WiFi Experts® CWNP Authorized Learning Center (ALC®) use only CWNT certified instructors and the official CWNP courseware in their classes.

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Building the Wi-Fi network

It may seem as if all we do is solving Wi-Fi problems, but nothing could be further from the truth. We are also the best candidates to build and design your Wi-Fi network. Whether you are starting up a new business or expanding the number of branches and locations, we will make sure that your company is future proof and Wi-Fi-problem free for years and years. When designing the network we take into account the future developments and possibilities, and we verify and validate our work. This enables us to guarantee a completely working Wi-Fi network. We offer the following design scenarios:

  • Wireless As A Service (WaaS)
  • Cloud Managed
  • On Premise
  • SD-Access Wireless (SDA/SDN)

Brand independent

Our company contains a vast amount of knowledge of Wi-Fi products of Cisco, Aruba/HPE, Extreme Networks, Cisco Meraki et cetera. While other Wi-Fi experts often focus on one specific brand, our main advantage is that we are brand independent and know the ins and outs of the entire wireless protocol. This allows us to choose the best and most cost efficient solution for your specific situation.

Intuitive - Seamless - Worriless - Wireless

World Wide WiFi Experts speaks the language of Wi-Fi. We are the ‘jack-of-all-trades’ who can offer guaranteed solutions for wireless communication, applicable to techniques such as Bridges, PtP-PtMP, BYOD/CYOD, Indoor and Outdoor. Wi-Fi is an ever developing market, with burgeoning applications such as Enterprise Wireless, Mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Roaming and Light Fidelity (Li-Fi). In sum, it all comes down to Radio Frequency (RF), an area of expertise in which we are undisputed.

Active worldwide

Our clients stem from a range of industries: government, finance, transport and logistics, shipping, education, healthcare, retail, oil and gas, telecommunication, tourism, and events. We can offer worldwide help with Wi-Fi networks, no matter where your company is situated, since we are active on all continents. We operate from four main locations:

  • Dongen, Netherlands and Casablanca, Morocco (for EMEA)
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (for APAC)
  • Austin, USA (for AMERICAS)
  • Perth, Australia (for OCEANIA)
  • Dubai (for UAE)


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