Wireless IP; The Killer Application!?

Wireless IP; The Killer Application!?

The latest wireless IP-based* network technologies offer increased system capacity, data speeds, and internet integration. These are just some of the many ways that make it possible for people to communicate.

Internet access 

People in moving vehicles (i.e. cars, trains, boats, and airplanes**) can access the internet of their corporate networks just as well as if they were at the office or at home. They can surf the internet, access their corporate networks, download games, play those games online and even get travel guidance information with real-time traffic and route information.

Wireless IP networks

Wireless networks are evolving to wireless IP networks to overcome the limitations of traditional circuit-switched wireless networks. Wireless IP networks are more suitable for supporting rapidly growing mobile data and multimedia applications. IP technologies (like Mobile IP ***)  the most promising solutions that are currently available for supporting data and multimedia applications over wireless networks. The mobile or wireless internet solutions  will still remain a backup for internet usage, instead of a replacement. Advanced mobile data and multimedia applications like real-time games with other remote players, wireless phone calls (VoIP calls), and broadcasting audio and video advertisements to mobile phone users will continue to enable video services to be brought to handhelds/smartphones.

A Killer!?

Especially the growth of advanced mobile data and multimedia applications like Voice-over-IP (VoIP) will continue to significantly increase multimedia traffic over wireless networks.  As a result, these future wireless IP networks can only support mobile data and multimedia applications without congestion if they are actually ready. In other words, “those networks must be controlled to avoid congestion (e.g. by QoS parameters****) and offer sufficient bandwidth to support all such services. Wireless networks and the IP technologies they contain must constantly be revised and improved.

Remember !

The traffic on fast wireless networks will continue to focus more and more on IP!


IP: Internet Protocol* | Mobile Fi: (IEEE 802.20)** | Mobile IP: Mobile IP is a network protocol from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), meant to allow mobile device users to keep their permanent IP address, while switching between different networks.*** | Quality of Service (QoS): QoS is a collection of technologies that allow applications to request and receive predictable levels of service in terms of throughput (bandwidth), latency errors (jitter), and delays.****

Column https://itchannelpro.nl -   September 1st, 2021


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