Partnership with SCOMM by Sicotel


SCOMM and Word Wide WiFi Experts® are excited to announce a brand new partnership.

Partnership with SCOMM by Sicotel.

World Wide WiFi Experts is glad to announce our strategic partnership with SCOMM, one of the most dedicated and outstanding Telco companies in the industry. With the sets of goals in common, World Wide WiFi Experts and SCOMM will strive to work towards valuable ideas and provide innovative solutions for customers through up-coming cognitive collaboration offerings.

What to look forward to in this partnership?

World Wide WiFi Experts and SCOMM share a common goal in developing opportunities in Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi services, and CWNP Enterprise Wi-Fi training in Africa and the Arab countries. Therefore, through this partnership, both World Wide WiFi Experts and SCOMM will have opportunities to reach out to more customers who are in their time of need to provide relevant Wi-Fi training and useful Wi-Fi solutions. Indeed, based on state-of-the-art technology, we bring deep and customised accompaniment to end users in vital sectors (Healthcare, Education, Transportation, ... etc) in their digital transformation journey.






scommmmmmmmmmm Partnership with SCOMM by Sicotel - World Wide WiFi Experts®
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