Recommendations and References CWNP In-Class & Virtual Class Instructor Led training

In addition to World Wide WiFi Experts® experience as an Authorized Learning Center (ALC), we are happy to tell you in a personal conversation how clients and participants experience our trainings.
A preview of some references can be found below.

CWNA-108 (VILT/TM) Quant, Belgium (EMEA)

@Peter Paul; Very good trainer with lots of knowledge about the course material but also his real life work experience makes that he speaks Wi-Fi in a very understandable way.

CWSP-207 (VILT) KPN, Netherlands (EMEA).

I really enjoyed the training. Thank you!! - Just passed the CWSP-207 exam with a score of 87%. Thank you Hans and World Wide WiFi Experts for the great training sessions!

CWDP-304 (CILT) Simpson Stong-Tie, France (EMEA).

CWNA is the prerequisite for CWDP, so a lot of CWNA-topics are repeated in the CWDP track. Thanks for the personal attention Peter-Paul and your excellent training! - Just wanted to let you know that I passed CWDP today, with 85% !

CWT-101 (VILT) NOV, United States (AMERICAS), APAC and OCEANIA

Hi Peter, Thank you for your excellent instruction training. I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into making the learning experience informative and engaging.


Peter-Paul is very prepared and available to compare and share experiences and opinions. What we can suggest is to have some physical examples or white papers about SoW, BoM or NDA.
Just to actually understand what they are.

CWISA-102 (VILT) Boingo Wireless, United States (AMERICAS)

Good content. I came into this not sure what I'd be learning whether nuts and bolts or theoretical stuff. I found it to be mostly theoretical and I was not confident on my first day that I would do well. While I was hoping for more practical application, that's not what was tested on the exam. I enjoyed the instructor and the instructional materials and was relieved that I did so well on the practice exam. When taking the certification exam, I felt very prepared. I didn't worry about guessing wrong. I knew the answers.

Peter-Paul is a good communicator and very receptive to questions from students. He checks in regularly to confirm understanding. It helped my confidence to walk through the practice exam with him on the final day of the course.

I would definitely recommend Peter-Paul to any of my colleagues for cert training. What would I change? I think it would be a good bonus to include a voucher for the CWNP CWISA practice exams in the price of the course. I'm glad that the price of the exam was included.

Many thanks to you!

CWNA-108 (CILT) BAE Systems, Austraila (OCEANIA)

Peter-Paul was very helpful and knowledgeable. He is able to work with all levels of students, from the beginners to the well seasoned vets in the wireless field. I thank him for being an awesome instructor.

CWT-101 (CILT) Audio Interiors, United States (AMERICAS)

Great training course!
Having my training class with Peter Paul Engelen was a pleasure, Peter Paul went over all the questions I had and explained in detail.

Hi Peter - did I understand correctly that you have a voucher for the CWT exam for us? Thanks again for the wonderful course!

CWDP-304 (VILT) GGZ-Lentis, Netherlands (EMEA)

Very happy to passed the CWDP-304 exam today! Although the training of World Wide WiFi Experts® and test exams on were easy to do, I found the exam quite tough!
Fortunately, all study was sufficient for this final result!
Thanks to Peter Paul for the excellent training!
I love Wi-Fi!

Out of CWNP:
Congratulations on passing the #CWDP certification exam, RJ!
So glad to hear you enjoyed the training by one of our Authorized Learning Partners.

CWS-101 (CILT) Panduit, Canada (AMERICAS)

All good World Wide WiFi Experts® has excellent instructors and have very high knowledge.
Peter Paul is a great instructor, lesson was well done and very easy to follow.
He has great experience and solid knowledge.
Thank the online training was a great medium and helped limit expenses caused by travelling

CWNA-108 (VILT) Performance Networks, United Kingdom (EMEA)

The course was explained clearly and at an understandable pace. The practice questions after each chapter were a great help in identifying holes in my knowledge.
Although the class members were very quiet, Peter Paul was always engaging and asked questions from all members of the group.
The course was exactly what I needed to bring my knowledge up to a point where I felt comfortable to take the exam. I'd recommend Peter Paul and I'm looking forward to doing my CWDP at some point in the future.

CWNA-108 (VILT) PPG, United States (AMERICAS)

Thanks for a great course Peter Paul !


logo-alc Recommendations and References CWNP In-Class & Virtual Class Instructor Led training - World Wide WiFi Experts®

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