The Road to Certified Wireless IoT Solution Expert (CWISE) - THE WIRELESS IOT TRACK

To become a Certified Wireless IoT Solution Expert (CWISE) out of CWNP Inc, USA. there is a clear study path to earn this prestigious title.
The CWISE study track is a three layer model.

The first layer starts with one foundational level certification:


- Certified Wireless IoT Solution Administrator (CWISA):
The CWISA certification track provides you the knowledge to implement, administer, and troubleshoot technologies that heavily rely upon, or directly integrate with, wireless systems in the enterprise, government, and manufacturing environments and is able to install, customize, and coordinate appropriate solutions to meet an organization’s requirements and constraints.

A solid foundation for the rest of the wireless world. It is important for wireless professionals to grasp the frequently used wireless IoT solutions in organizations.

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The second layer starts with a three professional level certifications: connect, integrate and design


- Certified Wireless IoT Connectivity Professional (CWICP):
The CWICP certification track provides you the knowledge to help you to build a solid foundation for managing the connectivity of wireless IoT devices and understands IoT connectivity standards and operation in business and industrial networks. The knowledge can be applied to deploy and troubleshoot the most common wireless IoT protocols with an in-depth understanding of their operations.

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- Certified Wireless IoT Integration Professional (CWIIP):
The CWIIP certification track provides you to develop and implement solutions that integrate multiple wireless-sourced management, monitoring and control data through programming and you can identify and use the appropriate tools to extract, transform, and load data to and form wireless Internet of Things (IoT) systems.

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- Certified Wireless IoT Design Professional (CWIDP):
The CWIDP certification track provides you the knowledge to master wireless IoT design, manage the entire wireless IoT solution design life cycle: defining, designing, deploying, and validating & optimizing. So gathering necessary information and requirements creating an architecture and design , implementing the solution, and validating and optiminzing to ensure objectives to met.

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The third layer starts with a broaden level certification:


- Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA):
he CWNA certification track provides you the knowledge of 802.11 Wirless LAN (WLAN) hardware and software in relation to administration installation and WLAN administrator.
You will learn about the operations of 802.11 wireless hardware and software in enterprise environments as well as troubleshooting, design and analysis tools.

Network engineers and administrators gain to the foundational RF knowledge required to implement and manage enterprise Wi-Fi. CWNA is required for CWSP, CWAP, CWDP, CWNE and CWISE.

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In summary: To earn the prestigious Certified Wireless IoT Solutions Expert (CWISE) titel you have to earn three professional level certifications (connect/integrate/design), Certified Wireless Networks Administrator (CWNA) and Certified Wireless IoT Solutions Administartor (CWISA)
cwise-png The Road to Certified Wireless IoT Solution Expert (CWISE) - THE WIRELESS IOT TRACK - World Wide WiFi Experts®
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