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> 47,000 employees worldwide, more than 28.5 million clients.


Liberty Global wanted to launch a new setup box for digital TV for the B2B market in Europe. This box would be delivered with a Meraki WLAN kit, Meraki MX Firewall, Meraki MS Switch and a MR Access Point.

They wanted to have the entire system fully tested before it was released to the public.


Led by World Wide WiFi Experts, a test plan was written in multidisciplinary context.


Many performance, connectivity, and security tests were carried out between the nodes, as well as the LAN and WLAN (dual band) and the interface WAN.

In a test environment, two LAN segments were created, with on each side a complete WLAN kit. Both LAN areas had a properly configured WAN interface.

 After configuring the WLAN nodes via Meraki’s dashboard, the clients were configured on both a dual band connection with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, and on a single band connection with 2.4 GHz and separate 5 GHz.

Application and security tests were carried out with, amongst others, an Ixia node (IxLoad).

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